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       In this lifetime I have rarely seen chipmunks, but recently this one has been attending my bird feeder, so I was able to enjoy watching the little thief.

        Big news is that the audio version of the Seraphim Blueprint book is now up on Audible, and other Amazon sites.  It is a recording of me reading my own book. Good for a time capsule, no? Audible is a subscription service, and currently my book is free to new subscribers.  

       On July 16th I will start teaching Level IV- Seraphim Cosmic Splendor for those students who have completed the first three Seraphim Blueprint Levels. It will consist of two sessions, with the second one on Saturday, August 6th. Teachers and students who wish to repeat this class with me can do so as well. To register, please see my announcement on the Worldwide Calendar page.
        The reason this newsletter is out earlier than the summer solstice is because our move into our new home In North Carolina has taken almost a full year, due to scarcity of labor and materials. It still needs a few more things before we can occupy. Thus, as of this Sunday, June 12th, we will temporarily not have internet service, or a landline, and I will be harder to reach for a while.  If you need to contact me, I will occasionally see my email.
      Several Seraphim Blueprint Teachers report below about activities in their part of the world, and I have trained three new American teachers.
       By the way, I wonder how many of you have noticed a new sweetness in collective consciousness since about late April.  I have. I am sleeping more soundly as a result.  Email me if you also notice this positivity, that seems above and beyond the usual loveliness of spring. 
    Let's Celebrate Summer

   Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

             Letter from Ozden Oke about Gobeklitepe Tour

Dear Ruth,
     We just came back from our Gobeklitepe-Mardin tour. It was magical. I wish you were there with us. It is an amazing region, sparkling with signs of ancient cultures. 
      Early in the morning we went up the hill called "Gobeklitepe". The excavation site is protected now, and visitors have to follow a foot path that goes around the excavated area. This path is quite high above the area, but close enough to see the amazing stone carvings. We had a wonderful guide who gave us valuable explanations. Still there are so many mysteries to solve.
       But before we visited the excavation site we went straight up to the famous tree on top of the hill. This tree was known long before the site was discovered. The locals call it the sacred tree, and for maybe thousands of years people came up to the tree and prayed. When you touch the tree you immediately feel a strong flow of energy. I also felt that there may be some kind of energy portal. 
      We wanted to do a group activation of Seraphim energies to heal Gaia and the human collective consciousness at this place and the tree was the perfect spot.
 We surrounded the tree, touched the trunk and started our activation/meditation. There were only a few visitors at the site, it was very quiet and peaceful. A light breeze, with the smell of wild flowers, made us go even deeper and chirping birds, together with the humming of bees and insects got us grounded. 
     We were about to end our meditation when a group of school kids came to the tree. As soon as we cleared the tree, they went straight to the tree and touched the trunk just like we did, and stood there in silence for a couple of minutes. The teacher, smiling but surprised, asked them why they were doing that. One of them answered. "We are sending love to the earth and heavens". We smiled at each other and took that as a sign that what we did was well received. 
      At the same time I realized once more that all there is, is in the moment. The past and the future are in the present. If we want a better future, all we need to do is to act now, because what we feel, think and do, shapes the emotions, thoughts and actions of the next generation. To change the past and create the future is only possible in the present.
       I am sending you a photo of our group around the sacred tree . . . .
    We also went to Mardin and to several sacred places close to the Syrian border. I cannot describe the feeling, it was so wonderful. There are still so many places untouched like the underground city you mentioned. I can send you photos and videos from those places too if you like.
        We did activations at six ancient sacred places during our tour. Our intenion was to heal the earth, Gaia and the human collective conciousness.
        Sending you lots of hugs

The Seraph Created Three New Teachers

(and got Bodhi to pose nicely)

Next to me is Kristine Odell from Long Island, New York.  In the middle is Diana Waller from Connecticut, and behind Bodhi is Genevieve Loved from Virginia.

Sri Lanka ~ A Pearl in the Indian Ocean ~

June 9, 2022 Report from Seraphim Blueprint Teacher Alexandra von Waaden

      "This Island has already gone through so much and yet it seems that the bottom has not yet been reached. After a 20-year civil war, and a devastating tsunami, Sri Lanka began to rise again in 2017/18, attracting more and more people to this magical place. But In 2019 a terrorist attack stopped this ascent, and in 2020 the Covid pandemic hit the island hard, curtailing tourism, which had begun to restart the economy.

      So how do the Sri Lankan people keep going under these difficult circumstances? The population of 22 million is 65% Buddhist, mixed with Hinduism, worshiping the Gods Paththini, and Vishnu, as well as Kali, Ganesh and Kataragama among others. These traditions of trusting in the help of Lord Buddha and the gods is probably one reason Sri Lankans continue to survive these hard times of endless queues at gas stations, power cuts of up to 6-8 hours, and extreme inflation, doubling the price of food.  A few days ago the government declared the country bankrupt, which will probably cause even fewer imported goods, and even longer queues.

     The Sri Lankan rupee is in free fall, which makes it attractive for tourists since the U.S. dollar is  worth double what it was a few months ago. But it also pushes inflation to a point where more and more Sri Lankans are leaving the country in order to support their families. Although that strategy has been well known for some time, now it feels like it is the only choice, especially for the younger generation.

      The reports you see in Western news media are portraying only the situation in the capital  of Colombo, rather than on the rest of the island. I just returned from there a couple of days ago and didn't experience any of that. There are plenty of peaceful protests continuously going on, demanding the president step down, which I believe is the right way to show the world how the population is standing together in times of crisis. To get the president to resign could bring the change people have been waiting for, since he was the one putting most of his family members as ministers in the latest administration. The people are fed up with politicians who only  take care of their own families, instead of the people of Sri Lanka, which voted for them in this socialist, democratic republic. 

       Besides all of that, the tourism sector is still trying to operate as well as possible.   If you are visiting the island right now, which is during the off season, you will be able to see the ancient sites and enjoy the beautiful beaches just as if there was no crisis. But for how much longer this will work is hard to say. They need tourists to bring in foreign currencies and that is the reason you don't need to worry about coming to Sri Lanka even now. 

        On a bigger scale Sri Lanka is just one example of how the recent pandemic is destroying the independence and growth of a third-world country. What can be done to help this land since it has the potential of becoming a true paradise again, and even a lighthouse for other countries with similar problems? We don't want our world doomed to be controlled by a few big players, who dictate the rules to eveyone else." 

The Pictures are from Kataragama Vessak celebration, also called "Festival of Lights"

July 2022 Teacher Training Course

July 9th (Level V) and July 30th (Level VI) - Teleconference TTC

Ruth will train Teachers up through Level VI for Teachers who have already had inperson training with her in the past and have completed Levels I - IV TTC.   

Moral Behavior in Animals (a Ted Talk)

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