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   Spring Newsletter

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       Kyoto Japan has the most amazing bamboo forest shown above. I am always asking my husband Ron to plant a bamboo screen on our property, but he is always saying 'no' because it is so invasive. 

      Discussing Japan, I was able to save the Japanese version of the Seraphim Blueprint book from almost certain death, just in the nick of time.  Seraphim Blueprint Teacher Mikako Ebihara helped, as she is now back working at VOICE, as their book editor. VOICE Workshops was kind enough to translate and publish the Japanese version of the Seraphim Blueprint book about 10 years ago. There were only two  copies left when I recently enquired, and since VOICE has no intention of reprinting, we were able to get the file for the book through Mikako and are deciding what to do next. Maybe printing on demand is the way to go, like I have done with my books in America?

       More about Japan, and our great disappointment in not being able to hold our third international festival there in 2020, I am hoping that the Covid mandates are completely dropped soon, and we can start thinking about having some major get-together again.  Working on reducing the mass psychosis, as outlined in both the last newsletter, and this one (below) will help to achieve that goal. 

       Other good news is that I completed the audio version of the Seraphim Blueprint book in a local studio and am now in the process of publishing it on Audible, and other Amazon linked sites.  It took 9 hours to record, and I did that in about 5 sessions.  Look for it on sale on Amazon a few days from now. 
       On May 7th I will start teaching Level III- Seraphim Manifestation for those who have completed the first two Levels. Teachers and students who wish to repeat this class with me can do so as well. To register, please see my announcement on the Worldwide Calendar page.

Let's Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

   Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

P.S.  I wish to know if some of you are interested in taking other courses from me that are not part of Seraphim Blueprint.  For this purpose I have created a short survey here.  Please note that I taught these courses before I met the Seraph in this lifetime, and thus consider them to be of less importance than my subsequent work with the Seraph.  

Correction to Reversing the Mass Formation

      JudyAnn realized shortly after we sent out the last newsletter that she made a major error in her audio file that changes the intent of the ritual.  So with one word correction (see in red letters below), the intention is right.  Ruth told JudyAnn that our higher selves, even without the correction, would know our intentions in about 85% of the cases, but it is good to straighten it out anyway, for those who might still be interested in this topic.  The conditions to set up a "mass formation psychosis" include a lack of social connectedness and sensemaking as well as large amounts of latent anxiety and passive aggression, which results in about 30% of the targetted population not being able to think rationally about an important topic, like Covid-19, or the invasion of Ukraine.

    It is beginning to look like we are reversing the mass psychosis regarding Covid, but maybe only to be replaced by a new one demonizing Putin.  Western powers never gave Russia a chance to recover from the huge change of the dismantling of the old Soviet Union, and now they want to revive the old hatreds, which could lead to World War III. 

     If you wish to participate, you have a choice of either reading the ritual out loud to yourself, or listening with eyes closed to Judy's new audio here. Your Higher Self knows how to integrate the energies into your body. The ritual needs to be repeated monthly.  The power of it will extend for a few blocks in all directions as you walk about a city. 

Here are the words:

"What is the direction of spin that is blocking me from being a clear and perfect channel so that I can radiate and carry a frequency that transmutes, and unhooks, and disconnects myself, and everyone around me from this mass Hypnosis/psychosis that humanity is experiencing at this time on Earth now?
REVERSE that spin now! speeding it up to its maximum, optimal spin now!
Stabilize it at its maximum optimal spin now!
Lock it in and make it permanent now!

What is the direction of spin that will make me a clear and perfect channel to carry and transmit a frequency that unhooks, disconnects,  neutralizes and eliminates all frequencies and aspects that are keeping me and everyone around me connected to this massive hypnosis/psychosis that humanity is experiencing at this time on Earth now?
Spin that intention now, in the
direction of spin to its maximum optimal spin now!
Stabilize it at the maximum optimal spin now!
Lock it in and make it permanent now!
Surround that intention with a golden Arcturian dodecahedron spinning at the speed of light now!
Activate, Integrate and unpack now! Actualize now, now, now!
Everything that stands in the way of this intention dissolves in the great void of spirit now!
Clearing and transmuting across all time, space, dimensions and realities now!
right wrong
good and bad
all nines
Shorts, boys and beyonds
I do this now for myself and all of humanity now! now! now!
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

April/May Teacher Training Course

April 30th - May 3rd, 2022 in North Carolina

Ruth will train Teachers up through Level IV at her home.   New teachers need to train in person, and there are no recent changes in requirements for training.

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