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       Now that the new book  AI: Angel Intervention.  has been out for a few months, we have received many positive complements.  The book sold 161 copies in the first week.  I am really happy with this second volume of Seraphic Prize stories.  Submissions for the 2023 volume are now open to everyone worldwide, including the previous authors who contributed to the earlier volumes.  Note that you still have time to buy this book for holiday gifting.  

       Many of you know that I have only taught in person, rather than online for the past 25 years mainly because of my fear that the Seraph's energies would cause my computer to crash, as happened in 2002.  I am a bit more confident these days about avoiding that, and thus for the first time in 10 years I will facilitate the full six Levels of the Blueprint for new students beginning on Saturday, January 22nd via Zoom.  This course has no prerequisites, so you can invite your friends.  All Teachers and students who wish to repeat this class with me can do so as well. To register, please see my announcement on the Worldwide Calendar page.

     Every year I go into silence for the first six days of the New Year, as I will do again in two weeks.  I suggest that any of you who really want to reset your lives away from the negativity that we have been experiencing, might give this silence experience a try.  Besides not speaking to anyone, (including talking to yourself!), it usually means a complete break from screen time, although some light reading can be part of the process, along with whatever meditation practise you enjoy. For further advice on how to go about this, just send me an email. And also think about refreshing your psyche through using the Mother Divine Protocol that I will be sharing this Tuesday via Zoom (see below). If you miss the Tuesday call, most Seraphim Blueprint Teachers have this protocol and can share it with you later.

Happy Holy Days!

   Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

  Mother Divine Protection Protocol (Live call)

     In 2014, we shared a Mother Divine Protection Protocol that cleared us individually of all the dross in our bodies and auras that needed to be taken away.  At that time, many  students deeply experienced this personal clearing.  By now, however, I am sure most of you have never heard of this.  Thus this Tuesday, December 21st on the Solstice Ruth will read out the Protocol, at noon U.S. Eastern time, for those who wish to have this clearing. There is no charge for participating. This will be a live Zoom call, that will also be open to the general public, if you have friends who would like to join. You will need to have pen and paper handy to copy the protocol for your personal use.  It is not to be shared on the internet. (There is something special about handing down sacred information via an oral tradition.) 

 Mother Divine Protection Protocol on Zoom
Time: Dec 21, 2021 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 835 5149 1441
Passcode: 411745
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+13017158592,,83551491441#,,,,*411745# US (Washington DC)
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Reversing the Mass Formation Psychosis

      The conditions to set up a "mass formation psychosis" include a lack of social connectedness and sensemaking as well as large amounts of latent anxiety and passive aggression, which results in about 30% of the targetted population not being able to think rationally about an important topic, like Covid-19.

     Previous examples of mass formation psychosis led the overall German population in the 1930s to scapegoat the Jews as a source of filth and disease, the way the unvaccinated are treated today around the world.  Ruth has been looking for ways to energetically reverse this psychosis and asked Judy Ann, who provided us with a wonderful clearing of the damaging effects of the mRNA shots  (previous audio), to create a new ritual that will effectively clear ourselves of this psychosis, as well as those around us as we walk about doing our daily chores. This clearing ritual has the Seraph's approval. 

If you wish to participate you have a choice of either reading the ritual out loud to yourself, or listening with eyes closed to Judy's new audio here. Your Higher Self knows how to integrate the energies into your body. The ritual needs to be repeated monthly.  The power of it will extend for a few blocks in all directions as you walk about a city. 

Here are the words in the ritual:

"What is the direction of spin that is blocking me from being a clear and perfect channel so that I can radiate and carry a frequency that transmutes, and unhooks, and disconnects myself, and everyone around me from this mass Hypnosis/psychosis that humanity is experiencing at this time on Earth now?
Spin it in that direction now! speeding it up to its maximum, optimal spin now!
Stabilize it at its maximum optimal spin now!
Lock it in and make it permanent now!

What is the direction of spin that will make me a clear and perfect channel to carry and transmit a frequency that unhooks, disconnects,  neutralizes and eliminates all frequencies and aspects that are keeping me and everyone around me connected to this massive hypnosis/psychosis that humanity is experiencing at this time on Earth now?
Spin that intention now, in the direction of spin to its maximum optimal spin now!
Stabilize it at the maximum optimal spin now!
Lock it in and make it permanent now!
Surround that intention with a golden Arcturian dodecahedron spinning at the speed of light now!
Activate, Integrate and unpack now! Actualize now, now, now!
Everything that stands in the way of this intention dissolves in the great void of spirit now!
Clearing and transmuting across all time, space, dimensions and realities now!
right wrong
good and bad
all nines
Shorts, boys and beyonds
I do this now for myself and all of humanity now! now! now!
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Next Teacher Training Course

April 30th - May 3rd, 2022 in North Carolina

Ruth will train Teachers up through Level IV at her home.  Please let her know of your interest in attending this course by replying to this email. New teachers need to train in person, and there are no recent changes in requirements for training.

Australia Reawakens 

Recently, someone whom Ruth and the Seraph trained to be a teacher in Sydney in 1999 just contacted Ruth again to see if she could be recertified.  This is such good news, as even though there were 50 trained Teachers at one time, none of them are currently teaching.  We hope that Angelica Sheehan will make up for lost time. Here Angelica talks a bit about her background:  " I have worked in Corrective Services for 20+ years, both in a community and custodial setting, I.e. with offenders in the community, and inmates in custody. I have a Diploma in Community Welfare Services and several formal qualifications in relation to my work in this field. I have also completed other training, including, a Diploma in Energetic Healing Past Life Regression, and my original Energetic Healing Teaching Certificate [from Seraphim Blueprint] in 1999. I am also a Justice of the Peace . . . .  I now know my mission on Earth is to serve and heal, and I believe that I have been guided by the Universe to become a Seraphim Blueprint practitioner and teacher."

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