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   Autumn Newsletter

Dear [[First Name, "Friend"]]

    I realize that we are all under tremendous stress that seems unending and unresolved. Although malefic planetary energies are exasperating this stress, (see "Astrological Forecast" below), “Mr. Global” has been planning to take our freedoms away for at least 100 years. 

    So as spiritual beings having a human experience, what can we do? I suggest taking breaks from the madness, rest more, meditate more, use Seraphim Blueprint energies more, and spend days alone with your own thoughts. Start weaning yourself from your cell phone. My iPhone died six months ago, and I have not replaced it.  It is more important than ever to walk outside for half an hour a day, take sunbaths, eat well, and turn off all conversations and screens an hour before bedtime. I always avoided coffee because it kept me up at night, but just this past week I found a video that shows how drinking coffee damages the third eye (see below).

   Last month when I was truly in the ‘dog days of summer’, I was introduced to an amazing energy healing. The Seraph has approved of this novel healing, which is merely listening to a two-minute audio that is infused with what might be described as ‘God-given’ relief. See below Judy Ann’s alleviation for mRNA damage affecting both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. I am so happy I can share this with you.

     This is a pivotal time in history, and our action or inaction will decide whether we have a better future or not. If we take a courageous stand now, we will have aligned ourselves with our ancestors who fought so hard to achieve what we take for granted. 

   And now for big news about the new Seraphim Alliance short story book AI: Angel Intervention.  It will be published in the next week or less, and up on Amazon, soon thereafter. I wish to have a major promotional event around this publication, and need your ideas as to what might be good.  I would like the purchase of the Seraphim Blueprint book, now out since 2007, somehow tied to the release of this new book.  Any ideas? Please wait for the promotion before purchasing. I will announce that in a special email.  Here's the cover of the new book:

       The next Seraphim Blueprint public board meeting will be held on Monday, October 11, 2021 at noon U.S. Eastern time.  We might make it a Zoom session this year, so if you wish to attend, please contact me by email. 

   Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

   Quantum mRNA VAX Reversal for Everyone

     This is some kind of miracle breakthrough, possibly from God. I met a woman named Judy Ann on the phone a month ago, who lives near me in North Carolina. She appears to be able to recognize a person’s energy levels in the quantum field. She divides people into two types, those with a positive spin in the quantum field, and those with a negative spin. Initially, she only noticed that those who had received the mRNA vaccine had a negative spin, which results in loss of energy, but now she feels that everyone on the planet has been affected, and has a negative spin. 
     She mainly works one-on-one as a massage therapist, but discovered a method to correct everyone’s spin in the quantum field. She made a two and a half minute audio so that we can all correct our own situation with the help of our Higher Self. She wishes to share this healing without charge.
She showed me on the phone how it works, and I immediately felt better—clearer mentally, and physically less tired—even though I have not taken any Covid shot, or vaccine since I was a child.
       One needs to only listen to the audio with closed eyes, and then at the end say “Thank You” three times. Here is the audio:

Judy Ann lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, and works with her clients to heal their issues both in person and long-distance.  Her email: and her phone number is: +1 (650)575-1408.

"Astrological Forecast" by Charlene Lawrence 

Charlene is one of our new Seraphim Blueprint teachers living on Long Island. You can contact her by her email. She is also an astrologer, and I asked her to give me her perspective on what we are going through. The most challenging information she mentioned was that the United States by next February, 2022 will experience an exact return of Pluto to where it was in the sky in 1776, at the time of the American Revolution. The planet Pluto is associated with power, transformation, death/rebirth, and upheaval. The following are some of her other thoughts:   

"Out with the old and in with the new is the 2021 catch phrase describing the poignant astrological event of Saturn squaring Uranus, occurring three times [this year]. After all the issues revealed and consequences of 2020, the US needs to make changes both collectively and on the personal level. Insurrections and rebellions are standard influences of Uranus. 

Jupiter moves direct bringing more optimistic ideas starting October until re-entering Pisces in December 28th. The final 2021 call for big and swift change (Saturn/Uranus square) occurs on December 24th 2021. This will be one more shift personally and socially, cushioned by the compassionate influence of Jupiter at home. Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024 and will continue to reveal what should no longer be avoided. A greater desire for peace and unity will arise with Jupiter's return home."

Coffee Weakens the Third Eye 

This 10-minute video explains the problem with coffee that I knew instinctively, but now there is some proof.  This information can be added to what we already know about the overstimulating aspects of coffee and why we don't drink coffee on days of instruction.  

Are Dogs Smarter than Humans?

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