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   Summer Newsletter

Dear  [[First Name, "Friend"]]

       Several months ago, I mentioned that we were moving our main social media page to another site.  After exploring several possibilities, we have set up a nice looking page on (below). You are most welcome to follow us there. We are still looking for administrators to shepherd the new page. If you have been a Seraphim Blueprint practitioner for several years, and like to play on social media sites, please let me know. I intend to make announcements between newsletters on this page. 

     For those who are waiting for the short story book to come out, the editing is finished, and now we will be formatting the book and picking a cover image.  We should have publication news by the next newsletter.

    Regarding the Covid nightmare of the past year, we are happy that our local area has opened up, and we see smiling faces everywhere.  Many states in the U.S. are fully opened.        

    But the Seraph and I  still wish to address concerns about the Covid-19 shot. First we acknowledge the unusual pressure we are receiving to get one of the shots. Although medical matters should be for individuals to decide, governments everywhere appear to be using novel ways, like ‘vaccine passports’ to get everyone on board with this program, in which the survival rate of those who experience Covid-19 is 99.7%. 

         I have researched this matter; and even though information is being censored, I have been able to listen to knowledgeable doctors and scientists about the epidemic, and the Seraph and I have agreed that since this is not a traditional vaccine, and is experimental, with the long-term effects unknown, we believe that at this time it is dangerous to get the shot, and it should be avoided at all costs, assuming you have not already received it.  If you already have, we  hear that pine needle tea is one remedy helping people recover, and several Seraphim Blueprint Teachers, like John Chandler and Alex Brandin, have developed  energy-based remedies for preventing Covid 19, and handling the bad side effects in other cases.       

        So far, my husband and I have no intention of receiving this therapy, and herd immunity may have been reached in America. For international travel free of restrictions, I have become a member of Freedom Airways.

       Enjoy Lazy Summer Days

  Ruth Rendely

Recent Teacher-Training Sessions in April & May

Ruth and the Seraph trained four new American Teachers (Above from the left Tricia Moore, Charlene Lawrence, Zee Saleem, and Sean Connolly) and completed the upper Level training for  two  Turkish Teachers who braved the rigors of international travel to come here for training. 

The two new Turkish Teachers below from the right to left are Sebnem Toker, and Selma Gul. The second photo was taken at the Cottage garden featuring Selma, who is now a Level VI instructor, which shows her special connection with the spirit world.  Our dog Bodhi has learned how to pose for photos, and show his best profile.

New Teacher at Long Island Healing Center

 Zee Saleem-Maharaj is now teaching Seraphim Blueprint through the Long Island Healing Arts Center, at 868 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, New York.

Zee, a student of Jenny Israel's, also on the Island, brought the Seraphim Blueprint modality to Theresa and Laura, the owners of the Long Island Healing Arts Center.  Zee came to the center a few years back to take classes.  She knew that it was a good home for her own spiritual classes now that she is a Teacher.

The Healing Arts Center’s mission statement:

"We see our healing & learning center, a positive gathering place of compassionate beings leading to advancement and expansion of society for the highest good and benefit of all."

Ruth's Possible Autumn Teacher Training 

If there is enough interest, Ruth will consider holding a TTC this fall, at her home in North Carolina. Please respond to this email if you are seriously interested in becoming a Teacher.  Completion of all six Levels of the Blueprint is one of the requirements.

Tuckered Out

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