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   Winter Newsletter

Dear [[First Name, "Friend"]],

       We are living in strange times. I hope that most of you have extra food and warm clothing on hand, and other supplies to tide you over, in case markets close for a while.

       The past few months have also witnessed some life events for a few of our Teachers. We lost Brenda Calvin on September 14th, when a necessary heart operation wasn't enough to keep her with us.  Tributes to Brenda begin below.

        And on October 10th, one of our American Teachers, Kelli Vaughan, married her soul mate, Britten Kessler. Here are Kelli, now Kelli L. Kessler, and Britten on their wedding day. Kelli plans to teach Seraphim Blueprint based in Sedona, Arizona.

    My suggestion for the next little bit is to get to know your neighbors, as your life might depend upon their help someday. You have an excuse during the holiday season to have small get-togethers, bringing the aloha spirit to your neighborhood. Ron and I just held a party here last night, and it was wonderful. Not only did we exchange pertinent contact details with our near neighbors, but the Seraph also initiated everyone. It was totally whimsical on my part, but our guests wanted the energy. 

Extend the Holiday Joy as long as possible!
 ♥ Ruth Rendely

 Ruth's Spring Teacher Training Schedule

      Ruth is facilitatating two separate Teacher Training Courses (TTC), one for Americans and  English-speakers, and one for Turkish students, with Ozden Oke translating.  The American course is scheduled for April 12th - 15th (Levels I - IV). The Turkish course is scheduled for May 11th to 15th. It is still possible to apply for either of these courses. Both courses will be taught in person in North Carolina.  Please contact Ruth, or Ozden.

Seraphim Blueprint Events with Alex Brandin

SeraPlay: Gratitude & Joy
Tuesday 12/22 (Pacific Time 7 pm - 8 pm)

Prerequisites: None, open to all who wish to experience a session with several transmissions of different healing frequencies from the Seraphim Blueprint energy spectrum.
Details: We will explore how energies from the Seraphim Blueprint Levels and advanced workshops can be used to create a profound release and healing session. This is open to already initiated Seraphim Blueprint Friends, as well as to people interested in a first experience with these frequencies.
  Fee: Free, invite your friends  


Seraphim-Gaia-Pulse Days
Option 1) Saturday 1/2/2021 (Pacific Time 10:30 am - 11:30 am)
Option 2) Tuesday 1/5/2021 (Pacific Time 7 pm - 8 pm)

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 Seraphim Healing & a desire to support Planetary Healing
Details: A gathering of the Co-Creators, Guardians of Gaia and all Seraphim Blueprint Practitioners to support planetary healing as well as the healing of humanity and all forms of life on our beautiful planet. The Co-Creators and Guardians will take the lead in this healing event and all other Seraphim Blueprint practitioners are contributing based on their level of access to the energies. This event is also designed to result in a boost for our own well-being since Planetary Healing and Self-Healing are interwoven. We focus on an optimal start into 2021. 

Fee: Free, invite friends who have completed at least Level I  Registration:

Dr. Thanakrit Chintavorn named Thailand's National Leader

  Seraphim Blueprint is lucky to have such a strong Thai Teacher, who has grown the movement there beyond our greatest expectations. Dr. Chintavorn, a medical doctor, who also served in hospital administration, recognized the healing value of the energy work we do, and thus has put his wholehearted support into spreading Seraphim Blueprint in Thailand.  We feel it is time that we recognize his extra efforts by making him the Seraphim Blueprint National Leader of Thailand.

Seraphic Light Course with Tom Rigler &  Tom's monthly Intergalactic Safe Haven Meditation

    Since Tom Rigler recently gave students a taste of Seraphic Light energies during the 25th Anniversary teleconference, he has been bombarded with requests to teach this course again.  This is an advanced workshop for those who have completed all six Levels of the Blueprint. It will give you access to two new energies of light, dimension and consciousness. It is a two-day workshop separated by a week. It will be a Zoom event, with the ability to call in if desired. Cost is $300, or $50 per day for retakes. Here is the schedule:

       For Thai students:  January 9th & 16th starting at 7 am Thai time (7 pm Friday U.S. Eastern). 
       For Americans & Europeans:   February 20th & 27th 10 am Eastern time 
       For Japanese:  Dates being discussed with Miho
       Tom will also be leading an Intergalactic Safe Haven Meditation on the second Wednesday of every month, at 11:30 am Eastern (U.S.), and again at 8:30 pm Eastern. This meditation is for graduates of Level V.  The first two sessions will be Wednesday, January 13th, with the New Moon.   Please contact Tom for either the Seraphic Light Course, or the Safe Haven Meditation.

Yumiko Inagaki & her Nagoya Students with their Openers

Going Home

Brenda Calvin

(April 16, 1960 - September 14, 2020)

A huge light and presence in Seraphim Blueprint has now left us for parts unknown. Brenda was one of the strongest Teachers in Seraphim Blueprint giving it her all every time she taught, and held get-togethers for the Las Vegas group. We will never forget her organization of the Las Vegas Festival in 2017. To say she will be sorely missed is a vast understatement. Please see tributes to Brenda here:  Brenda's Memorial Page


Prize Winners Picked  for the Seraphic Prize

The $1,000 prize went to Lucy Finch for her short story submission "The Dolphin", and the $500 prize went to Maria Hubbuch for her submission: "The Seraph Appeared to Me". I wish to thank Ozden Oke, Sandra McGill, Eileen Colts and Vanessa Johnson for helping me to pick the winners.  Other short stories to be published are from the following authors:
  • Ozden Oke                            "My Four-legged Guru"
  • Ruth Rendely                        "The Seraph Opens Israel"
  • Dilek Bayezid                        "Seraphim Miracle"
  • Sandra McGill                       "Lessons from a Baby Angel"
  • Anonymous                          "My Enlightenment"
  • Andrew Ramer                     "Jewish Tales with a Twist"
  • Eugene Nau                          "A Strange Encounter"
  • John Chandler                      "Fixing Creation"
  • Rabbi Haviva Ner-David      "Slimy Angels at the Crossroads"
  • Sara Klinger                           "Gentle Preparations by Spirit"
  • Thanapon Chaivanichakul   "An Angelic Dugong"
  • Rita Bral                                 "All those Angels"
  • Karen Coratelli-Smith           "Angels Abound"
  • Candice M. Sanderson         "The Seraphim"
  • Alma Daniels                         "Angels are Real"
  • Maria Sherwood                   "Dragon Slayer


David Archuleta Sings Waymaker

Seraphim Blueprint Courses


  • Seraphim Healing

  • Seraphim Sacred Geometry

  • Seraphim Manifestation

  • Seraphim Cosmic Splendor

  • Seraphim Planetary Healing

  • Seraphim Grace & Union


  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System

  • Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy

  • Seraphim Healing Advanced

  • Guardians of Gaia

  • Co-Creation with Gaia

  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion

  • Seraphic Light

  • Seraphim Aqua Dynamics

  • Divine Biosphere

  • Seraphim Blueprint Teacher-Training