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Dear [[First Name, "Friend"]],

           Level V Seraphim Planetary Healing Retake is this Saturday, September 19th We will feature the worldwide debut of a new energy  that helps remedy electro-magnetic damage to the body. The rest of my monologues will be from personal experience about such things as weather miracles, etc. You may register on the Worldwide Calendar of events on the Seraphim Blueprint website: (The event will be in English, but there will be slides with bullet points in Japanese, Turkish, Thai and German). Order Link.

Special note to all Level 5 Teachers: Your energy upgrade, and teaching level  training occurs on this Sunday, the 20th, so please open the special email I sent you yesterday.

  Japan Festival Has Morphed into a Zoom Event

      Because of severe international travel restrictions, intead of a festival in Japan, we have decided to hold a 2-hour international event on Zoom, and have given the Japanese Seraphim Blueprint group the  first choice as to date and time.

They have picked Saturday, November 14th, from 10 am - noon Tokyo time.

Here is a quick look at that time in your location:

Friday, November 13th -  East Coast U.S. 8 pm - 10 pm

Friday, November 13th - West Coast U.S.  5-pm - 7 pm

Saturday, November 14th - London  1 am - 3 am

Saturday, November 14th - Istanbul 4 am - 6 am

Saturday, November 14th - Bangkok 8 am - 10 am

    Of course some of these times are not convenient, but we hope to record the session for later viewing.  As we get closer to the event, we will have more details sent out in a special newsletter.

  Time to Be a Spiritual Warrior
 ♥ Ruth Rendely, Chairperson, Seraphim Blueprint

For 25th Anniversary, Ruth Teaches Students Again

Ruth is facilitating all initiations of the six Seraphim Blueprint Levels, so that any student who has previously completed those Levels will be able to experience her teaching. Each workshop will be four hours, with a break in the middle. Each session of the first five Levels will cost $45, and Level VI will have two 3-hour sessions at a cost of $39 each. These sessions will count as repeats for potential Teachers who need that requirement to attend Teacher-Training. The following are the dates for the remaining two Levels she will teach (begining at 10 am Eastern)

Seraphim Planetary Healing, Level V, September 19, 2020

Seraphim Grace & Union, October 10 & 17, 2020

Seraphim Blueprint Annual Public Board Meeting

    We will hold our annual, public board meeting on Thursday, October 8th at 12:45 pm East Coast (U.S.) time.  To join the teleconference please dial +1(712)770-5577

The access code is 469391#

Help Wanted

We are looking for a new aromatherapy specialist, who will enjoy preparing, marketing and distributing the two items that we have been selling for the past 20 years - The Seraph Space Cleanse, and the Seraura Aroma Cleanse. If you have an interest in this as a part-time job, we would like to receive your resume and a cover letter explaining why. We would appreciate that the applicant be located in the States, but if not, there might be good reasons to be based elsewhere.  Explain in your cover letter.

Send applications to


The 2020 Short Story Seraphic Prize

Submission for the Seraphic Prize closed on August 31.  We received 20 entries, and are sorting through them now. Only 15 stories will be published.  
  •  The 2020 Seraphic Prize will be awarded on a Zoom event scheduled for November 13th/14, 2020. First prize is $1,000, plus publication. Second prize is $500, plus publication. Third-place prize is to be shared by thirteen authors whose work will appear in the volume to be published in 2021.

        Seraphim Blueprint Teacher Training, June 2020

From the left, Melinda Hotho (Texas), Melanie Randolph (Las Vegas), Mina Kim (Las Vegas), Alexandra von Waaden (Sri Lanka/Germany) and Debra Murphy (Wisconsin)

Seraphim Blueprint Courses


  • Seraphim Healing

  • Seraphim Sacred Geometry

  • Seraphim Manifestation

  • Seraphim Cosmic Splendor

  • Seraphim Planetary Healing

  • Seraphim Grace & Union


  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System

  • Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy

  • Seraphim Healing Advanced

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  • Co-Creation with Gaia

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