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Summer Newsletter

Summer, 2016

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     We are busy with so many projects these days that I hardly know where to begin. First of all, the planning for the Las Vegas Festival is going full speed ahead. In order to create a tranquil and serene environment, we chose a non-gambling hotel. I have just signed the Las Vegas Renaisance Hotel room and catering contract, and I was told today that you will be able to start booking your rooms, probably by this weekend, or early next week. The special group rate for a Deluxe Room is $119.00 (before taxes) for two people.  We have currently been allotted 15 rooms at this rate, with the potential for expanding this number with the same rate, but no guarantee, so it might be good to book early. There is an additional extra per person fee of $25 for triple and quadruple occupancy. Call +1-800-750-0980 for reservations, and identify yourself as a member of the Seraphim Blueprint Group. Note that the dates of the Festival have been changed to the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 26th to Monday, May 29th.  We will be keeping the Festival registration fee down to covering costs. I will announce the registration process either by the next newsletter, if not before. We plan to have a tiered registration fee, like we did for the Naples Festival, and the  fee will cover all activities for the weekend, including two lunches. We expect the price to be slightly more than the price for the Naples Festival; and the exact amount will be available shortly when an online registration page will be added to the website.

     Also, please let Brenda Calvin know if you wish to attend one of the side trips. See the sidebar for details.  We will organize some day trips, and if there is enough demand, possbily a trip to the Grand Canyon. But the options for that are mainly a helicopter excursion (about half an hour ride from Las Vegas), or a conventional road trip which will likely take 3-days. The Festival is now 10 months away. There are rumors that groups are coming from Turkey, Germany, and Japan.

     Other big news is that I have found an enthusiastic Blueprint graduate to revive the wonderful Seraph’s Space Cleanse and Seraura Aroma Cleanse (personal aura spray).  Cynthia Weatherbie began using essential oils over 10 years ago, primarily for relaxation. After experiencing the oils' healing abilities for herself and family, she became passionate about educating herself and others to the life-changing healing properties of pure essential oils for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. She believes essential oils have a deep, fundamental connection to the spiritual realm, and as such, she is extremely excited to assist in the rebirth of the Seraphim Blueprint aura and space cleansing sprays. We are in the process of testing the formulas and ordering bottles, so hopefully, by the time the next newsletter is out you will be able to order some. Cynthia and her husband live in New Market, Maryland. Here's Cynthia's photo:Cynthia Weatherbie

.First Teacher from the Philippines!

     Sarah Yoga PoseThe Seraph and I trained Sarah Salcedo-Rubin, a yoga instructor in Manila, where she lives with her husband and two children. Here she expresses her joy at becoming a Teacher, as we take a break on the road up to Highlands for a day out:

On this same course, Ozden took a photo of the new Level 6 Turkish Teachers:Turkish Teachers 2016-2 

And here we are again at a lookout on the way to Highlands.  Carmen Bourgouin, all in white, is the newest Canadian Teacher to my right. Turkish Level 6, 2016


Tobi Gets a Healing
Tobi & Symbol

       Tobi is a two year-old companion to Aylin Karaibrahim, who lives in Girne, Cyprus. A few of the Turkish Teachers regularly teach on the island of Cyprus. Aylin came to an introduction to the Seraphim Blueprint organized by Meral Bakir in May. Aylin liked the energies and took the Seraphim Blueprint card home, and that is how Tobi experienced the energies. Aylin told Meral that Tobi was not well that day and Aylin put the card close to him. First he put his paw on the symbol and then lay on it, and slept the whole night through. The next morning he was up and well. Aylin decided to take Seraphim Blueprint Level 1 in June.
        Tobi riding a horsy:Tobi Cat on Horsee 

Happy Summer Frolicking!

Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

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Upcoming Advanced

Courses in America

  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion with Alex Brandin, Aug. 6 & Sept. 3rd
  • Seraphic Light with Tom Rigler, July 30th & August 6th, also Sept. 24th & October 1st
  • Seraphim Healing Advanced with Sandra, August 6th
  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion with Lucy Finch, Aug. 13 & Sept. 24
  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System with Lucy, Sept. 4th & 5th
  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System with Alex, Sept. 10th &17th

Brenda's e-mail is Brenda at

Sandra McGill's e-mail is Sandra at

Tom Rigler's e-mail is Tom at rigler.meSpacer

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Revival !

Seraphim Blueprint



We have been waiting about 10 years to revive the beautiful aromatherapy products that Ruth and the Seraph created in Australia around 2002.  The story of their creation is charming in itself, in that the Seraph asked her to go with a friend to any shop in Sydney that sold essential oils, and then be blindfolded while the friend put individual essential oil bottles in her hand to see if the Seraph wanted that particular oil to be included in the blends.  With the Seraph's help every step of the way, the final blends were approved and the secret recipes used from that point forward for about 5 years. When  Ruth became preoccupied with other chores, like publishing the Seraphim Blueprint book, she stopped making these lovely scents.  

Now, with Cynthia Weatherbie's generous offer of her time and expertise, we will have these  products again, first in North America, but with time, all over the world.

Las Vegas Excursions

May, 2017

Here are Brenda Calvin's suggestions  for the Thursday before the Festival, or the Tuesday after the Festival: If interested, contact brenda at

Bus trip to Zion National Park (Utah) – 2 hours 30 minutes one way from Las Vegas. Beautiful scenery with sheer cliffs. Participants could sit by the river, hike or take a on-going shuttle that circlulates every few moments. Little town with artsy shops. So much fun.

Hoover Dam Tour inside the Dam – 45 minutes one way from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Tour by paddle boat on Lake Mead – 45 minutes one way from Las Vegas. 

Bus Tour of either Red Rock Canyon or Mt. Charleston with lunch at Mt. Charleston Lodge – 45 minutes from Las Vegas one way.

SUNDAY NIGHT OPTION, we could offer a Cirque du Soleil show called, “O” playing at Bellagio. There are 7 or 8 Cirque shows in Las Vegas. I choose this one because IT’S FANTASTIC and it gives the participants the opportunity to also see the Bellagio Fountains and Bellagio Attrium, in one trip.

Suggested Tours that may be organized, but we need to know the demand first, or you can explore on your own:

Bus to Grand Canyon, exploration time (maybe some sort of energy work) and lunch at El Tovar Hotel (on the edge of the canyon) – 4 hour trip one way from Las Vegas, so this would be a full day excursion.

Helicopter to Grand Canyon. You can just fly over it or you can land down in the Grand Canyon, on the Colorado River, where they serve snacks, fruit and champagne/water. Pricey, but a life-time memory.


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