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Summer Newsletter

Summer Pond 2015 


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      We have had a very busy spring this year, and have a been attempting to go a bit slower for the summer months before things get hectic again in September.  The weather has been hot and steamy, a huge contrast to our recent winter. 

      I want to thank everyone who went out of their way to buy my new book on April 28th. That was a huge success, as the book reached # 4 in the angel category on Amazon by the next morning. Also I was recently interviewed on a music radio station in the Cajun country of Louisiana. The owner is writing his own spiritual book and wanted to make contact for our mutual benefit.  

     In late April, the Seraph made Teerasak Wongpiya the first Seraphim Blueprint Teacher in Thailand. Teerasak, who calls himself "Tee" for short, is an I.T. expert in the banking industry who has now begun his own hedge fund in Bangkok. We hope that he still finds time to teach! He, along with Alice Wirth from Maryland, and Frances Urtaza from Nevada were all made teachers up through Level 4:

Teerasaks class

Teerasak Wongpiya, Ruth, Alice Wirth & Frances Urtaza

Quickly following the April course, a few weeks later we trained six Turkish Seraphim Blueprint Teachers in the upper levels of the system. There are now 42 Teachers in Turkey!:

Turks at Dry Falls

Ece Fırat Uzman, Ayten Urpakyan,  Recep Çifter, Dilek Bayezid, Burçin Aras, Aysun Zorlubilek

Ron and I only discovered Dry Falls this past year. It's an amazingly impressive falls that you can walk behind and not get too wet. We are making regular trips there with our guests these days. 

Other news is that I have a new bunny companion. His name is Sashah, which I understand is a nickname for Alexander.  We have already built a sun-room specifically for Sashah and for plants that need to be kept indoors in the winter. 

Sashah at one month


Your Multiple Souls on Amazon


In the Seraphim Blueprint we work with intelligent energies. What does this mean? Here are some points: 

Intelligent Energies

  • Can be programmed to optimize its effectivelness.
  • Becomes more effective and powerful with usage.
  • Can be calibrated to operate at variable intensties.
  • Teaches itself to be more effective.
  • Works with the individual to create more inspired ways to be used.
  • Helps connect the individual to other energies and guides.
  • Is available in an infinite number of varieties.
  • Can be used to help others or can be trasmitted to them at a distance for their benefit.
  • Can be effective when used by intention or can be put on automatic pilot.
  • Can be utilized while awake or while sleeping.
  • Works together with, and even enhances other practices.
  • Is provided by the grace of God, and works independently of any religion or belief system. 

From I. Feurst, California energy worker


Upcoming Advanced Courses in America

  • Guardians of Gaia facilitated by Brenda Calvin on July 18th & 19th (in person & teleconference)
  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion with Alex Brandin on July 18th & 19th (Teleconference only)
  • Seraphim Healing Advanced with Sandra McGill on July 25th and again on September 12th
  • Guardians of Gaia with Alex Brandin - August 22nd & 23rd (Teleconference only)
  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System with Brenda Calvin on August 29th & 30th (in person & phone)

Brenda's e-mail is Brenda at

Alex Brandin's e-mail is Alex at

Sandra McGill's e-mail is BeMagick at


Use of Seraphim Healing in Hospitals

A Naples Florida Seraphim Bluerpint Teacher - Diane Ward, has taken it upon herself to clear hospitals both in her local area and around the U.S. of negative entities and install Seraphim Healing grids in those hospitals. She has a strong administrative background in nursing, and thus is very aware of the needs especially of children in a hospital setting. She now has a year's experience doing this service and wants to share her expertise and methodology with other interested Seraphim Blueprint practitioners. She is also leading a weekly distant healing moment for the Naples area, with regular participation of about 10 Naples residents. If you want to hear more about her methodology and ideas, please contact her directly via e-mail at


Diane WardDiane Ward

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