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      If you are looking for a last-minute holiday gift, our books are available on Amazon at this link.  You may also take the opportunity to write a  book review:   

        Fourteen Seraphim Blueprint Teachers/practitioners are now published authors, as their short-stories are immortalized in the above When Angels Make House Calls (2018). It is two years since we had our first short-story, Seraphic Prize contest. Our first volume was limited to Seraphim Blueprint practitioners, but this next volume is open to the world!  The deadline, however, is approaching quickly (May 31st). If you are thinking of writing a story, remember that there is a 3,333 word limit (about 13 pages). If you let me know of your interest in submitting a story (fiction or non-fiction, with a spiritual theme), I will help you.  Besides the First Prize of $1,000, the second Prize of $500, you might become an author, with almost no effort on your part, as our imprint Seraphim Alliance will pick up the publishing costs.

              Japan Festival News:

      Miho Ohira, the National Leader of Japan, has created a beautiful website in both Japanese and English for our Seraphim Blueprint Yokohama Festival. She has made it easy to pay for registration on the new site at this link:  Registration for Yokohama Festival.   The direct payment link:  Early Bird Payment.  

     For those living outside of Japan, registration continues at a steeply discounted rate until midnight, March 14. If you are watching your budget for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Japan, please take advantage of this discount in the next two and a half months.       

      And Miho has also pulled off another miracle, with a very reasonably-priced, brand new hotel, APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower for the Festival, only a 13-minute, walk to the venue at the Landmark Tower.  This hotel is now the official hotel for Module B - the Yokohama Festival weekend. The price per  individual sharing a twin room is ¥18,362 ($168) total for 3 nights!:

      Miho is now reserving rooms at this hotel in 10-room blocks, so do contact her for details. There are different fees depending upon whether you are sharing the room and wish to have breakfast at the hotel. I will be staying there as well.

       I am now discussing with the Seraph the Festival schedule (Module B), and this morning he told me that he wants to share four new initiations with attendees. So this will happen on the first day (November 14th). He says these new initiations  stand apart from the six Levels of the Blueprint. At the Festival we will be celebrating 25 years of partnering with the Seraph. We will also announce the winners of the Seraphic Prize short-story contest.  Since the Festival will have a medical theme, we hope to hear comments from various medical practitioners about their impressions of Seraphim Blueprint energies. Festival presentations will take place in Japanese and English, with translations provided.

            Happy Holidays

    Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

   More Festival Details

       Since we last wrote, here are some new thoughts.  Ruth and Kentaro Kaneko, both bilingual in English and Japanese, are working on a plan to greet incoming international guests at the two airports near Tokyo, for those arriving at reasonable hours. The airport closest to the Festival venue is Haneda International Airport.  When booking flights, see if you can get a direct flight into Haneda, which is close to Yokohama and Tokyo, instead of Narita International Airport which is about two-hours by train to Yokohama.  It may depend upon which airline you use, but don't worry if you can't fly into the smaller, less used Haneda Airport.

      Also new, for Module A participants, is to book flights into Tokyo arriving no later than Thursday, November 5th, and staying at a hotel we will suggest near Tokyo's central train station.  Our group will meet on the morning of Friday, November 6th to start our adventure to Kanazawa and Kyoto.

Module A (Friday, Nov. 6 -13, Kanazawa/Kyoto)

     A small group of international participants will have a first-class experience of rural and traditional Japan the week leading up to the Festival. We will travel by Shinkansen (bullet train) between Tokyo and Kanazawa, Kanazawa and Kyoto, and return to Yokohama from Kyoto, each segment taking about two hours. The train roundtrip cost is around $300, and stays at traditional Japanese inns and hot spring resorts will be at least $120 per person, per night, for seven nights which normally includes dinner and breakfast. To register for Module A, you will need to make a $300 deposit to Ruth's PayPal account beginning January 15, once she knows of your Module B registration.   

Module B (Saturday, Nov. 14- Sunday, Nov. 15, Yokohama)

   There are 76 places left for the Festival (Module B). Because of limited seating, we are giving international guests the first chance to register, and request that Japanese participants wait until March 15, 2020. Only  foreign participants who have first registered for Module B can apply to attend Modules A and/or C tours, before and after the weekend Festival.  

       Thus, if you are a Seraphim Blueprint student, or Teacher, living outside of Japan, you can now register at the super, early-bird discount rate of ¥16,500 ($150), which includes lunch on both days. (Although this fee is nonrefundable, if you need to cancel, you will have the option to sell your ticket to someone else.)    From March 15 until May 31st the early-bird fee will be ¥22,000 ($203) for everyone (including Japanese), and after that until the end of October, the fee will be ¥30,000 ($277) for everyone, including all taxes.

     Miho Ohira will handle all Module B registration and hotel fees and inquiries.  You can send her your registration fee in either of two ways:

  1. To her dedicated PayPal account for the Festival, or
  2. To her Festival bank account by wire transfer:

*Beneficiary Bank/Branch Name:  SHINSEI BANK, LTD., Head Office
*Beneficiary Bank's Branch Address: 2-4-3 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
*Beneficiary Account Number:  400-6369480
*Beneficiary Name: MIHO OHIRA
*Beneficiary Address:
  163, Sachigaoka, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 241-0822, Japan

Module C (Tokyo Area Day Tours)

    The number of participants on these tours can vary daily, as you can choose one or more days to participate. Also, Japanese students are welcome to join. Alex Brandin is organizing an affordable tour of some well-known sights in and around Tokyo, and to explore both, the historic, traditional aspects, as well as modern aspects of Japanese culture.

    Japan, in general, and Tokyo especially, are expensive destinations. We strive to find the cheapest options for the best experiences. This Module is created for participants who enjoy walking and are interested in being active while exploring the sights. Each day includes significant walking distances that require you to be mobile, and have some stamina. Participants who prefer bus tours can still choose to stay with our group at the same hotel in Tokyo, but they need to book their own bus tours independently. There are many, very nice day trips offered from Tokyo with English-speaking tour guides. 

 Module C Day-by-Day Itinerary:

Monday 11/16/2020   Transfer from Yokohama to Tokyo by train - optional evening walk to Tokyo Tower, ascending to the visitor platform - exploring surrounding parks, shrines, temples and cemeteries. $$$ Price for public transportation, and optional entrance fees for Tokyo Tower, dinner & hotel in Tokyo

Tuesday 11/17/2020-  Whole-day trip to Kamakura with public transportation to see the giant bronze Buddha statue, as well as various other shrines and temples, including a very unique, huge golden Quan Yin statue,  as well as traditional ancient Japanese houses - walk on the beach.   $$$ Price for public transportation, and optional entrance fees for various shrines and temples and to enter the giant Buddha, meals, hotel in Tokyo

Wednesday 11/18/2020-  Exploration of shrines in Tokyo, visit the market and traditional stores in the famous historic Asakusa district and the Skytree (Asia's largest Tower).  $$$ Price for public transportation, and optional entrance fees for the Skytree, meals, hotel in Tokyo

Thursday 11/19/2020-  Whole-day trip to Mount Takao - Japan's most visited mountain, train ride, lift ride, walking tour in beautiful nature (4.7 km / 2.9 mile easy paved trails, but a few stairs to climb) optional visit of various ancient shrines and temples. If weather permits there will be a stunning view of Mount Fuji from the top of Mt Takao. Possibly seeing sunset close to Mt. Fuji.   $$$ Price for public transportation, and optional entrance, meals, hotel in Tokyo

Contact Alex Brandin  (

Liability Notice: Traveling has certain risks.  Each attendee whether student, Teacher, family member, child, or friend must assume their own liability for the duration of the trip. Seraphim Blueprint Non-Profit Corporation and its Board members assume no liability for the safety of, or injuries sustained, while participating directly or indirectly in Modules A, B, and/or C of the 2020 Seraphim Blueprint Festival in Japan. 

Seraphim Blueprint Teacher-Training

There are two courses scheduled for late April, early May in North Carolina.  First Ruth will teach Levels 4, 5 and 6 for Turkish students arriving on Saturday, April 25th and staying through Saturday May 2nd.  Then she will teach Levels 1 -4 for English-speakers from Tuesday, May 5th to Friday, May 8th.  Both groups will be able to stay on the property at Seraphim Hollow.  Please reply to this e-mail to ask Ruth for further information.

Turkish and Cypriot students who wish to become Level 1 Teachers will now have the ability to do so with Ozden Oke, the National Leader of Turkey, as the Seraph just made her a Master Teacher for training Level 1 Teachers.  There are now five Master Teachers for specific areas:  Alex Brandin, for Germany, and Turkey, Miodrag Trajkovic for Japan, Dirk Fiedler for Germany and Switzerland, Ozden for Turkey, and Ruth Rendely for North America and other places not mentioned.

Special Request to All Medical Practitioners
   If you are currently, or previously, a licensed medical doctor, nurse, or veterinarian, Ruth would like hear from you regarding making a presentation at the Yokohama Festival, on either November 14th or 15th, 2020.  There are many professional medical people involved with Seraphim Blueprint, so we are sure your perspective will be greatly appreciated at the upcoming Festival with its medical theme. If you wish to participate, please reply to this e-mail.
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The 2020 Short Story Seraphic Prize

In November of 2020, the second Seraphic Prize will be awarded to members of the general public who compose the best spiritual short story (fictional account), or non-fiction account, with the optional mention of angels.  Seraphim Alliance will then publish a collection of up to fifteen stories in a volume to be published in 2021.

Individual entries are limited to 3,333 words, which is a little more than thirteen pages, of 250 words per page.

  • Seraphic Prize Awards are announced at the Triennial Seraphim Blueprint Festivals. The 2020 Seraphic Prize will be awarded at the Yokohama Festival on November 15th
  • First prize is $1,000, plus publication
  • Second prize is $500, plus publication
  • Third-place prize is to be shared by thirteen authors whose work will appear in the volume to be published in 2021.
  • All entries must be received by midnight May 31, 2020.

 Seraphim Blueprint Aromatherapy


Seraph Space Cleanse

- This cleanse carries a personal Angel into the room when it is used for the first time, and anchors an Angelic vibration and consciousness there.

- May be used as a cleanse prior to installing a Level I Seraphim Energy Grid, or to refresh and enhance previously installed ones

- Perfect for rooms where you sleep, meditate or hold healing sessions, or to create a positive environment for conducting business.

The Seraph created the formula for both cleanses to provide another way we can connect with the Seraphim Blueprint energies. One is to uplift our auras, and the other is to maintain an angelic presence in our personal space, home and office. With just a couple of sprays you will feel a gentle lift and purification.

Seraura Aroma Cleanse

- A personal spray to be used around the body, or just the head and shoulder areas.

- The energized water vapor attracts the presence of Angelic beings and spirit guides.

- Supports, clears and protects the auric field.

- Relieves stress instantly, and opens the doorway to a blissful sensation

- A way to cool off and refresh oneself

North American orders can be placed with Cynthia K. Weatherbie at:

Order Page

Seraphim Blueprint Courses


  • Seraphim Healing
  • Seraphim Sacred Geometry
  • Seraphim Manifestation
  • Seraphim Cosmic Splendor
  • Seraphim Planetary Healing
  • Seraphim Grace & Union


  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System
  • Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy
  • Seraphim Healing Advanced
  • Guardians of Gaia
  • Co-Creation with Gaia
  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion
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