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Las Vegas Group Best Photo


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      The following are my impressions of the Las Vegas Festival:

       On May 24th, my husband Ron and I were scheduled to first fly out of Asheville. I felt so fantastic that day as my preparations for the trip had been so smooth, and everything felt good about my first visit to Las Vegas. But I had noticed a summer storm pattern that had begun in our part of the country in which the day’s heat builds up, and then we have a torrential shower around 4 pm. (That pattern is still with us by the way.)

       Well, when we arrived at the airport, an announcement was made that the Charlotte Airport, where we were changing planes, had shut down all operations due to severe storms, and thus our Asheville plane wasn’t allowed to take off! I was devastated thinking that we couldn’t go that night to Las Vegas, which would mean that we couldn’t attend the next morning’s Red Rock Canyon adventure. So I started working overtime with the Seraph and all my other angels; spending the next twenty minutes devoted to clearing the skies. So, about a half an hour from when the planes were grounded, the skies started to clear and we got the okay to fly! What a relief!

      Our second plane was only ten minutes late out of the gate, and we arrived in Las Vegas at 8:30 pm local time, about two hours earlier than I thought we would arrive. The room we had in the Renaissance Hotel had a bathtub separated from the shower (a first for a hotel room from my experience), and I took a luxurious hot bath to ground my energies from the flight. We slept well that night, which was great because we had such a tight schedule.

      At 7:30 am the next morning we met everyone in front of our tour bus.  Alex arranged for the driver to take us first to the famous Las Vegas sign where we all took photos, taking turns following the Elvis impersonator. The bus took us down the Las Vegas Strip where all the major hotels are lined up and Alex gave us a running description of the sights. About a half an hour later we had arrived at nearby Red Rock Canyon, which was a beautiful contrast to the busy Strip. Here we saw layers of rock in sandstone cliffs made up of Aztec Sandstone. This formation, about 180 million years old, is comprised of lithified sand dunes (sand dunes becoming rocks) that formed in a vast desert that covered a large part of the southwestern United States during the Jurassic time.

   Ruth & Ron Red Rock Canyon

      While we were all prepared for intense heat that morning, we were blessed with a cooling breeze, and our hike into the hills was really easy and pleasant for everyone. We ate our delicious packed lunch on the bus as we were waiting for stragglers to return. Then we headed back to the hotel while I led the group in a oldy, but goody singalong, including “Wichita Lineman”, “The Age of Aquarius”, and “Imagine”. 

      That same night Brenda led a few of us to the Bellagio for our first viewing of Cirque de Soleil ‘O’, but somehow I forgot to bring our printed tickets! This is where Brenda’s smart phone came in handy, as she had them stored on her phone and the ticket taker was perfectly fine with accepting that as proof. The show which features a flooded stage that is in turns sometimes a huge diving pool, and sometimes a solid floor covered with some water was absolutely amazing. Not to be missed if you go to Las Vegas.

       The next day the Festival began in earnest, and everybody’s Festival bag included a small, coloured metallic perfume holder that contained a personalized 5 ml version of the Seraura Aroma spray, along with a souvenir “Seraphim Blueprint Festival, Las Vegas” pen.

        Greg Rosano, Cindy’s husband played jazz music as the attendees arrived from 4 – 6 pm, and then he serenaded me with his fabulous version of “Wichita Lineman” in commemoration of our recent singalong. At 6:30 pm I gave a Seraphim Blueprint intro lecture about my experiences of first meeting the Seraph, and then Alex gave his “Seraphim Mysterium” slide show, while Ron and I snuck away to eat our dinners. Then I returned to sign books, which of the 100 books I brought to the Festival, I had none left to bring home. Yay!

        The next day the Saturday morning events began and our future Teacher from Thailand, Dr. Thanakrit Chintavorn, a pediatrician and hospital administrator in Bangkok was introduced. Cynthia Rosano led the group is an extraterrestrial Seal Clearing that was powerfully felt throughout the room. (The Seraph has agreed to include this clearing in future Level 4 classes after I discuss the details with fellow Teachers.)

        When we broke for lunch, which was waiting for us in the foyer, gasps could be heard from all who first saw the fabulous lunch the hotel chef had prepared. The lunch menu included Creamy Tomato Bisque, Caprese Salad, Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, Baby Spinach Salad, Cheese Ravioli, Grilled Chicken Chardonnay, Salmon Puttanesca, Wild Rice Medley, and for dessert Fruit Tarts and an Ice Cream Station including Italian Ice, Gelato, chopped nuts, whipped cream, fresh berries and bananas to make ice cream sundaes.

       After lunch we were serenaded for a half an hour by Rebecca Sabine, a professional violinist with the Celine Dion Show. It was so nice to be in a room with clear sounds of a violin. In between activities we had long social breaks in order for everyone to get to know each other.

        I then announced that the Seraph had recently allowed us to up the energy intensity levels to ten from eight for appropriate Seraphim Blueprint waveforms. Then John Chandler introduced a new methodology that the Seraph has approved that we are now calling "The Muliplier Effect". Here is a simple chart of these two energies, but on the right hand column you can read the explanation in John's own words:

    Chart Explaining Use of New Energy Effects

                                              (See John Chandler's explanation  on the right)

   Use Multiplier Effect with the Following Energies:

Level 1 Energies           Level 5 Energies

   Use Intensifier Effect with the Following Energies:

Level 1    Level 5    SeraMed   Seraphic Tour of the Solar System  Seraphic Light   Seraphim Aqua Dynamics



    After the hotel activities ended on Saturday night, quite a few participants joined Alex Brandin in going to see the Las Vegas Brahma Shrine, which does look authentic:

Brahma Shrine

       On Sunday, we took group photos first thing, when we were all fresh looking at the start of the day. Then Tom Rigler gave an intro lecture, sprinkled with his usual jokes, on his course '"Seraphic Light" with a demonstration of the energies. At some point midday Brenda and Cindy Rosano started spontaneously dancing to the recorded music of "Acquarius" and I joined in using a colorful tablecloth to mimic their matching long, flowing kimonos.

Dancing at the LV Festival

       Then late in the afteroon I announced the winners of the Seraphic Short Story Prize.  I had expected the First Place winner to be there in person to receive the $1,000 cash prize, but Masaru Yoshihara disappointed us all by being a no-show after registering for the Festival!  Well, he later apologized saying something about taking graduate school exams that weekend.  Really!? His story in the book is titled "How a Seraph Changed My Life". Second prize went to the judges' favorite dog story called "The Rainbow Bridge Crossing" by a Floridian, Mary Hernandez , which had me in tears.  Mary appears to be a natural born writer. Of the prize entries, the following people will have their stories published in the first edition of  When Angels Make House Calls (working title). Here are the list of entrants in the order of stories received:

            John Chandler, Rita Bral, Helen Fernald, Ozden Oke, Masaru Yoshihara, Teraku, Emine Karakurt, Curt Buettner, Sandra McGill, and Mary Hernandez. 

       There are still 9 days left to submit your short story for inclusion in the first edition of our angel book.  So even if you didn't enter in time to win the cash prize, you still have a shot at being published.  Please just send me what you have written by June 30th via an e-mail attachment to ruthestar at Maximum number of words: 3, 333.

And I almost forgot!  Our next Seraphim Blueprint Festival will be held in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan!

        Have a great summer and join us for the August Solar Eclipse if you have a tent to camp on our property!

Ruth Rendely      

Seraphic Short Story Entries Final Deadline - June 30th, 2017



   From top left:  Dr. Thanakrit Chintavorn, Kelli Vaughan, Rhonda Lanier, Karen Stoddard, Ozlem Difigaro, Michelle Tolson, Dervishe Cherkez.  Middle row: Elizabeth Radmanovich, Rebecca Maxcy, Yumiko Saito. Bottom left: Eugene Nau.  Bottom right: Teresa Olmos




Solar Eclipse USA

On Monday, August 21st, 2017, Macon County, North Carolina is on the path of totality for a solar eclipse for about 2 1/2 minutes. Ruth will be hosting this event at her home, followed by a two-day Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy Course on the 22nd and 23rd. The course fee is $325.  Since area hotels are full, and beds on her property are also taken, if you still want to attend this event, please let her know as she might open up her home to a few more people. She requires a nonrefundable deposit of $150 by July 15th. As you all may know, Ruth rarely teaches the Galaxy Course, so take advantage of this unusual opportunity. There are no prerequisites for this course.                           Contact: ruthestar at



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The Seraph Permits New Usage of the Energy:

John Chandler Explains

    We now have two methods of increasing the strength and power of using many of the Seraphim Blueprint energies. The first is to step up an energy intensity, level by level, from 1 to the new maximum of 10 approved by the Seraph. Each step up increases both the frequency or intensity of the energy and also the refinement of any subtle matter that may be associated with the energy. Each level can be experienced as having a slightly different feeling and effect, even though it’s the same energy. Therefore, it’s usually worthwhile to step up the levels one at a time in order to receive the benefits of each level. Think of it as building a house where you first install the foundation, then the basement walls, then the main floor, then the walls, the ceiling, 2nd floor walls, etc. If you try to build the 2nd floor without building everything underneath it, you may be asking for trouble, or at least missing out on something important.

Begin running the energy at intensity level 1 for as long as you feel a benefit, then step it up to level 2 and run it at that level until you feel it calming down, then level 3, and so on. Once you’ve integrated the lower levels, then you can continue to step the energy up to higher levels, but I would still recommend always starting at level 1 each time you run it just to be sure there isn’t something more your system can use, because as our systems develop we can now utilize energies and materials from each intensity level that we couldn’t before.

The second, and new way, to increase the power of the energies is to multiply the activations, or “Times” of running the energy. For example, we start running Life Force Energy and decide we’d like more of it. We can either step it up by intensity levels, or we can add another instance of running it, so that now we’re running it two times simultaneously, or you could also think of it as stacking a second activation, or running of the energy on top of the first activation of the energy. We can then activate and add the energy a 3rd time, a 4th time, etc., up to the maximum set by the Seraph of 15 times. This would mean that we have started 15 separate but simultaneous activations of the energy. [Note that we are now calling this process the Multiplier Effect]

We can think of these two approaches in this way. Stepping up an energy level by level is like starting out with a standard car and then adding more and more horsepower, racing tires, better suspension, etc., until we’ve turned it into a high powered muscle car. It’s sort of the same car, but now it has 1000 horsepower instead of 100. It can now do amazing things, but it’s still one car and not everyone is comfortable driving a muscle car to the grocery store.

The “Times” or multiplier approach stays with the same original car, but it adds duplicates of it, or clones, and we can have up to 15 of these cars all running around at the same time working on whatever is needed and wherever we direct them. This approach can feel much bigger or more expansive without creating uncomfortable intensity.

      Next, we can combine the two approaches. If you find that you like running the harmonizing energy at level 6, but you’d like more of it. Instead of increasing it to level 8 or 10, you can choose to multiply it and run it 3 times at level 6, or 5 times at level 6, or 15 times, whatever feels best. If you want the maximum of both approaches, you could also crank it up to level 10 and then add 14 more times to end up with the harmonizing energy at level 10 running 15 times; HOWEVER, I would not recommend this until you have given your system time to adjust and integrate all the lower levels and multiples. Safety first is very important, plus 15 muscle cars creates a lot of noise in your system.

Finally, after you’ve gotten used to increasing the simultaneous activations of an energy by adding one activation at a time, you can speed it up by simply saying “Double it” and it will shift from 1 activation to 2, or from 2 times to 4, or 4 times to 8, or 8 to 15 (haha, the Seraph said 15 times is the limit, so no 16 for now).

Now for a story from Alex.

   “During my local SF Bay Area Seraphim Blueprint Gathering this Saturday, I introduced the group to the new way of activation the same level of energy multiple times simultaneously. The people really felt the difference in clear and distinct ways. We went up to 10 times.

One of my most advanced and most psychic students described the experience this way: To her it was like each opening of a simultaneous activation was like adding an additional facet. She compared it to the facets cut into diamonds to increase their brilliance. In the end it was like one energy beam faceted 10 times. Adding each facet increased the luminosity, radiance and power. And she felt that with each added activation the focus within her body became more specific.

Her way of comparing this experience resonated with me. I do feel that with each added activation more specific, more targeted things are happening in my body simultaneously than otherwise would occur by doing it one after the other. I greatly enjoy this new way of activation & so did my students. John, thank you for sharing this with us.”

And my response was. “I chuckled at how your star "female" group member related it to adding facets to a diamond - typical woman. Guys like more horse power, women like more diamonds. Her analogy was nice and more elegant. The idea of running multiples of an energy came from Divine Mother, so all thanks go to her.”

So, have fun, experiment and see what approach works best for you in different situations, and remember that more is not always best, use your discernment.


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