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Misty Autumn

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     For those of you who don't know, Seraphim Blueprint became a nonprofit corporation, based in the state of North Carolina, in 2013.  I have been the Chairperson, and the Secretary, Treasurer, and all other members of the Board until two weeks ago. On the 15th of this month I appointed four new members to the Board, so now we have Alex Brandin, as Vice Chairperson, Tom Rigler as Secretary, Dirk Fiedler as Director of International Affairs, and Ron Bishop as Treasurer.  Here's a photo of the new Board of Directors taken at our first yearly meeting:

Board of Directors

And here the new Board members are about to do some serious work (or this could be titled "Four and a Half Men")

Board at Work

      At our first meeting we decided to change the rules for becoming a Teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint.  The waiting period after completing Level 6 will now be three months instead of six months. This affects all countries worldwide, except for Japan where the requirements remain unchanged.

      I don't believe that the new Board will result in many changes in the day-to-day running of the Seraphim Blueprint, but its existence gives me some reassurance that there will be continuity in the organization. Probably the only faces that might be new to you are that of my husband, Ron Bishop (far right), Treasurer (, and Dirk Fiedler (far left), who is based in Berlin, Germany (

      The Las Vegas Festival is still 8 months away, but if you know for sure that you are attending, the early-bird special registration fee of $175 is about to expire on October 9th.  After that the discount price will be $195 until mid-March.  Also, the rooms at the Renaissance Hotel are filling quickly.  Of the 15 contracted, reserved rooms only 8 remain for Friday and Saturday nights, while Sunday night is sold out. Here is a link for all things related to the Festival:  Festival Page  

     I will ask the hotel to reserve more rooms if they can, but as I write this I don't know the outcome. You can likely find special hotel/flight packages at other Las Vegas hotels closer to the event, but the group rate for a Renaissance Deluxe Room is still $119.00 (before taxes).  Call +1-800-750-0980 for any special reservation requests, and identify yourself as a member of the Seraphim Blueprint Group.

      On a final note, I am beginning to think about deepening everyone's experiences by holding meditative retreats, sans course content, both at Seraphim Hollow and elsewhere. If we can, we will incorporate such into the schedule following the Las Vegas Festival. There will be an update about this in the December newsletter.

  Happy Autumn Celebrations!

Ruth Rendely, Chairperson    

Seraphim Aqua Dynamics - A New Course created by Alex & the Seraph 

Water Drop

        We are thrilled to present an entirely new energy spectrum. In previous Seraphim Blueprint workshops we received energy tools to optimize our own human energy systems. In this course we will begin to work directly with every water molecule in our body. We will tap into the strong resonance between the Seraphim Blueprint energies and the water in us. Just imagine a Seraphim Angel with its six wings evenly spread out. Can you see the similarity to a snow flake? There is an underlying hexagonal sacred geometry that deeply connects the Seraphim with water. This is a new type of healing for self ,and it can be shared with others. A series of unique energetic tools are shared, that are specifically focused on our interaction with water. It strengthens our body’s ability to optimally absorb, process, transform and utilize the waters within our physical body. It is designed to inspire the water, and unlock its many potentials, and it also includes initiations into a new healing energy that can be used for self and others, distantly, or hands on. A new, very powerful hands-on healing technique is also introduced.

The European premiere of this course is set for October 8th & 9th  in Istanbul.

Prerequisites: Completion of Level III required & completion of Seraphim Healing Advanced preferred  Teacher: Alex Brandin


           Solar Eclipse USA

     On Monday, August 21st, 2017, Macon County, North Carolina is on the path of totality for a solar eclipse for about 2 1/2 minutes.  Ruth will be hosting this event at her home, followed by a two-day Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy Course on the 22nd and 23rd.  Since area hotels will fill up quickly, it is not too soon to make your intention to attend known to Ruth. Staying at Seraphim Hollow will first be reserved for overseas guests who cannot drive in America.  If others, who can drive, wish to attend, we will need to reserve area motel rooms for the nights of the 20th - 23rd almost immediately.  As you all may know, Ruth rarely teaches the Galaxy Course, so take advantage of this unusual opportunity.  There are no prerequisites for this course.                                                   Contact:


Girl Stops Elephant   

Girl Stops Elephan


Your Multiple Souls on Amazon



Upcoming Advanced

Courses in America

  • Guardians of Gaia with Brenda Calvin, October 15th and 16th
  • Seraphic Tour of the Solar System with Brenda, October 29th & 30th
  • Seraphim Aqua Dynamics - Free intro with Alex
  • Seraphim Healing Advanced with Sandra McGill, November 5th
  • Seraphim Aqua Dynamics, Nov. 15th, 17th &18th with Alex
  • Seraphic Light with Tom Rigler, December 3rd & 10th
  • Seraphim Blueprint Fusion with Alex, December 3rd
  • Guardians of Gaia with Alex December 6th, 7th & 9th

Sandra McGill's e-mail is Sandra at

Tom Rigler's e-mail is Tom at rigler.meSpacer

Alex's e-mail is Alex at

Brenda's e-mail is Brenda at



Turks Exuberant Here are the latest visitors from Turkey - All active Teachers-- about to depart for Istanbul after a week's stay at Seraphim Hollow




Seraphim Blueprint


Now Available !

                         Seraura Aroma Cleanse

Seraura Aroma Cleanse 

Is available again!

Ruth Rendely and the Seraph created two powerful tools based on the Seraph’s instruction years ago, when she lived in Australia.  Production stopped with her prioritizing the completion of the Seraphim Blueprint book, and returning to the America.

We are happy that we could partner with Cynthia K. Weatherbie to re-introduce these cleanses, that used to be a favorite of our students. Both cleanses are providing us with an easy and quick solution to effectively facilitate an instant energy shift in our aura, or within an enclosed space, with just a couple of sprays. The products are water-based, formulated to inspire the atmosphere around us, and to result in auric water vapor purification.


Seraura Aroma Cleanse

- A personal spray to be used around the body, or just the head and shoulder areas.

- Increases the vibration within our auric field by providing empowered water vapor

- Strengthens our ability to connect with higher levels of spirit and consciousness

- The energized water vapor attracts the presence of Angelic beings and spirit guides.

- Supports, clears and protects the auric field.

-  Relieves stress instantly, and opens the doorway to a blissful sensation

-  Protects us from negative thought forms, and removes mental fog

- May be used prior to meditating

-  A way to cool off and refresh oneself, especially during summer months

Seraph Space Cleanse

(will be available shortly)

- A unique tool to raise the energy within an enclosed space. This cleanse carries a personal Angel into the room when it is used for the first time, and anchors an Angelic vibration and consciousness there.

- May be used as a cleanse prior to installing a Level I Seraphim Energy Grid, or to refresh and enhance previously installed ones

- Perfect for rooms where you sleep, meditate or hold healing sessions, or to create a positive environment for conducting business.

Orders can be placed with Cynthia K. Weatherbie at

Order Page

Las Vegas Excursions

May, 2017

Here are Brenda Calvin's suggestions  for the Thursday before the Festival, or the Tuesday after the Festival: If interested, contact brenda at

Bus trip to Zion National Park (Utah) – 2 hours 30 minutes one way from Las Vegas. Beautiful scenery with sheer cliffs. Participants could sit by the river, hike or take a on-going shuttle that circlulates every few moments. Little town with artsy shops. So much fun.

Hoover Dam Tour inside the Dam – 45 minutes one way from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Tour by paddle boat on Lake Mead – 45 minutes one way from Las Vegas. 

Bus Tour of either Red Rock Canyon or Mt. Charleston with lunch at Mt. Charleston Lodge – 45 minutes from Las Vegas one way.

SUNDAY NIGHT OPTION, we could offer a Cirque du Soleil show called, “O” playing at Bellagio. There are 7 or 8 Cirque shows in Las Vegas. I choose this one because IT’S FANTASTIC and it gives the participants the opportunity to also see the Bellagio Fountains and Bellagio Attrium, in one trip.

Suggested Tours that may be organized, but we need to know the demand first, or you can explore on your own:

Bus to Grand Canyon, exploration time (maybe some sort of energy work) and lunch at El Tovar Hotel (on the edge of the canyon) – 4 hour trip one way from Las Vegas, so this would be a full day excursion.

Helicopter to Grand Canyon. You can just fly over it or you can land down in the Grand Canyon, on the Colorado River, where they serve snacks, fruit and champagne/water. Pricey, but a life-time memory.


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