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Necla Dinc

Country: Turkey
Time Zone: (GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
to teach:

Levels I to III

In the Turkish tradition, there are healing families. They can heal on a certain subject. I don't know if they gave me a hand because they passed away when I was very young. In 2010, in my dream, my grandmother said if I put my hand on someone with an ache, and the pain would pass, and she nodded and smiled at my grandfather. I met Reiki while still looking for healing manually on the internet. I saw the Seraphim Blueprint Symbol on Facebook, it seemed very nice, I downloaded it to the PC, got it printed, held it on my hand and felt a nice vibration in my hand, and my Seraphim Blueprint journey started in 2015. Sometimes you see the trainings and you want to go to this education, but you can't go. In Seraphim Blueprint trainings, I said that when I asked myself, especially when I asked myself how I felt, I should apply for teaching when I heard a voice saying  "I am the Seraph Angel" with you. and my teaching application was accepted. It is a great feeling to be in charge of using and using these wonderful energies. I can go if invited to give training all over Turkey.



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