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Alexandra von Waaden

Country: Germany / Switzerland
City: Bamberg
Time Zone: (GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Authorized to Teach:  Levels I - VI, Guardians of Gaia, Co-Creation with Gaia, Divine Mother Protocol, Fusion

 Alexandra was born and lived most of her life in Germany until she moved to California in 2015. There she started to expand her knowledge in alternative healing modalities, after already becoming an AmazingGrace healer and Tibetan Healing Yoga, and Lu Jong teacher in Germany. She dedicates her life to helping others on their own healing journey, and loves teaching especially the Seraphim Blueprint modality, which she does in English and German languages. Although she is based for now in California, she also teaches in Hawaii, Europe and Sri Lanka and enjoys doing this in person, as well as online via platforms like Zoom. She also started a project in Sri Lanka, creating an organic farm and healing center to help the locals and invite foreigners to learn and grow in harmony with nature.

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