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Charleston Plantation

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I took the above photo at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina on a recent vacation there. We traveled with our animal companions, testing our new motor home. That is new to us, as it is really 19 years old, and we were pleasantly surprised that all the bits worked.

The branches of the Seraphim Blueprint tree are really blossoming. I am much closer to getting the Seraphim Blueprint short story book published.  For that I need to finalize the name for our publishing imprint, and would appreciate your participation in choosing a name.  Please fill out this 1-minute survey:  Publishing House Name Survey.  We are publishing 14 stories from Seraphim Blueprint students and Teachers who entered last year's contest.  You will soon be able to read their most intimate experiences, as quite a few are autobiographical, including my own story.

In three weeks we will be revamping Level IV - Seraphim Cosmic Splendor to include two new initiations that were channeled by Burcin Or about a year ago. These new initations dovetail with my own feelings about the need to have our bodies able to handle very high frequencies that will come with  the rollout of 5G.  If you don't know about 5G yet, please research it before it comes to your neighborhood and you find yourself dizzy from these microwave energies. Rather than just using cell phone towers, the plan is to beam from every lamp-post and telephone pole in the world. (And yes, these energies are like your microwave oven!).  Some of you know of my deep concern regarding this matter, and how governments and multinationals are pushing this, with no research done on how it will affect our health.

The Seraph has answered this great need in his own way, and we need to take advantage of his incredible generosity. There have been a few other courses in the Seraphim Blueprint that address EMF energies, but not to the extent of these two new initiations that will be included within the main body of the Seraphim Blueprint from July 12th forward. We are potentially calling them "Quantum Shield".  If you are at least a Level IV Teacher, you will not be able to teach Level IV after July 12th unless you attend this teleconference, or attend the  Asian Teachers teleconference scheduled for their convenience on July 27th.  These two possibilities are available without charge and are only open to Level IV graduates. Now please read Burcin's story of how this came about below. 

Since I am writing about Level IV Teachers, I would like you to meet the latest Level I - IV American Teachers, all from Las Vegas:

2018 Las Vegas Teachers

On the left is Nina Volpe, R.N.  In the middle is Christine Brisco, our U.K. import, and on the right is Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM.  It was a small, delightful course during which it rained a lot, which is a novelty for those who are from Las Vegas. 

For those of you who missed my recent radio internview with Dr. Karen Kan about meeting the Seraph, here is the audio link :   Dr. Karen Kan Interview. 

And here's a new addition to the Rendely-Bishop household:


Have a glorious summer!

Ruth Rendely, Chairperson

Burcin Or's Contribution to Seraphim Blueprint

Teachers and students often approach Ruth with stories of their special connection to the Seraph. In most cases, the stories she hears are personal and do not apply to others.  Rarely does some form of communication with the Seraph result in an important new development for the Seraphim Blueprint. Burcin's experience is one of these exceptions.  Here she explains what happened in her own words:

Burcin Aras photo "On September 10, 2017 I was teaching an SB Level 4 workshop inIzmir,Turkey. When we came to the Solar System initiation I started to experience something different; it felt like I received a different initiation from my students. I felt that the Seraph was initiating me into something new. First I felt a very strong vortex in my crown chakra, and then a toroidal field formed around my body. It was very intense in my head around my medulla oblongata [part of the brain stem that controls autonomic functioning like breathing] and my heart. The energy flow was unbelievably powerful. I asked the Seraph what I was initiated to, and he replied that it was about radiation and that I needed to wait. When the Solar System initiation for my students was complete, my own initiation went on for another 5-6 minutes. I told my students to remain with eyes closed. When the initiation finished, I asked my students to open their eyes. When we all opened our eyes, my students immediately asked me if I was well, because my face was red and I felt dizzy. They gave me a glass of water, and after a while I told them that I received a different initiation during the initiation they got, and that I didn’t know what it was for.  But while I was telling them about the initiation the Seraph started to give me more information.

The Seraph said: "You received two major initiations."

The first one is an initiation that strengthens humanity’s ability to resist radiation; like an immunization. He said that many newborn babies are much more resistant against radiation because of a DNA mutation that is an organic result of the evolution of the human species. Other than radiation as a result of technology that humans have created, there is also universal radiation. Humans have been exposed to that kind of radiation as long as they have existed, and the effects have been stored in human DNA. Over many generations humans became tolerant to that universal radiation."

Burcin subsequently discovered that the two new initiations most likely belonged in Level IV, but she waited a year before she felt confident enough to share this information with others, and finally with Ruth only a week ago.  Ruth asked the Seraph who told her how important these initiations are, and the need to amend the system to include them.  Thus, we are having a system-wide teleconference on July 12th to have Burcin conduct these special initiations for Level IV graduates. Such students will receive a special e-mail from their Level IV Teachers with dial-in information. You can expect that e-mail in about a week, but meanwhile clear your schedule for July 12th to attend this special call. If for any reason you don't receive that information soon enough, please contact Ruth or one of the other Board members (Alex Brandin, Ron Bishop, Tom Rigler, Dirk Fiedler, or our newest member - Lucy Finch). Their contact details are on the Teachers' Page.   

For Teachers of Level IV, this new training is required because as of July 12th Seraphim Cosmic Splendor will be a different course, and all qualified Teachers need to prepare for this change. The worldwide teleconference will begin at 1 p.m. New York time for both students and Teachers and last about an hour for students, followed by an hour for Teacher Training, via a different call-in number.  On July 12th, the initiations will be free, and the July 27th date for Asian students and Teachers will also be free. If any Teacher misses these two free opportunities, there will be a charge for the third chance to get the training at some future date.  Meanwhile, those Teachers who haven't been brought up to date will have to refer all new Level IV students to other Teachers who have been trained for the new version of this course. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ruth. 

  Ruth Rendely will be conducting Levels 5 & 6 Teacher-Training via a teleconference on July 21st and 22nd. If you need those, please contact her.

Small John Chandler
John Chandler Explains Divine Biosphere Upgrade
 The Divine Biosphere™ (DB) was originally created in July of 2016 at the request of spiritual people, healers and energy workers for a way to protect them from all the negative energies and entities that seem so prevalent in our world. Together the Seraphim Angels, Divine Mother and a few other Divine Beings created a totally new energy to accomplish this, and people love it.

A few months ago I asked the Seraph and Divine Mother if it was possible to upgrade the Divine Biosphere™ to do even more than just protect people from negative energies, entities, curses, etc., and it seems that they were just waiting for me to ask. In fact, while Ruth was in Cyprus, the Seraph told her two days before I sent her an email about it, that they had just upgraded the DB.

They added many new features, including Divine Grace, making the DB much more powerful, protective, blissful, silent, smooth, deeper cleaning and easier to use. One simple command tunes the DB to whatever is the optimal level, without having to choose the levels yourself. The self-cleaning and self-healing goes much deeper, all the way to the quantum level, with much greater power. The Divine Grace brings in more golden light, bliss, love, wholeness, and greatly accelerates our evolution towards enlightenment.

Here are a few comments from people who have the upgrade:

“I am so honored to be the recipient of the Divine Biosphere™ and feel that my outlook in life has changed since this tool has been added to my basket. It is hard to describe, but I now live my life knowing that I have support and protection. Fears were not running my life before, but now most of them seem to have evaporated. I feel connected, call upon the Divine Biosphere™ frequently, and each time it seems to me that it answers: a subtle shift happens in my body that tells me: we heard you, we are here. I call upon it every night before I go to sleep and it helps me fall asleep practically instantly. I call upon it every time I step behind the wheel of my car, and whenever I have a quiet time, I use it to meditate. In other words, I truly love it and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please let me know when we will have the next group meditation.
                                                                                                - Best Regards, Y.F.”

“When I move it to Optimal, Self-Clean or Self-Heal, I definitely feel the upgraded version more than the original, and sometimes it's quite dramatic in its ability to clear and center me! So, I'm feeling very grateful to have it, and I trust its effects will continue to become stronger with time.
Many blessings, K.D.”

Lucy Pulling Finch - New Board Member

Lucy Pulling Finch

The Seraphim Blueprint Board of Directors has just elected Lucy Finch as our sixth board member.  Lucy, a native and resident of Naples, Florida, has always felt that there was healing in our hands with Divine Communication. Having studied and been trained in numerous healing modalities, Seraphim Blueprint appeals to her the most. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and been involved with many philanthropic boards and community services. She graduated from Rollins College, getting her degree in Sociology with minors in Religion and Business Administration. While at college she was trained in Transcendental Meditation and thus has done more than 40,000 hours in personal meditation. Following Rollins College she obtained degrees in accounting and para-legal, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She has been active in business and finance over 40 years, never forgetting her childhood desire that people be empowered to know who they are, where they come from, and their eternal/internal power to affect their own lives.  Nine years ago, Lucy opened Altered Elements, a Metaphysical Healing Store selling crystal-bearing Jewelry, specimen minerals, and unique healing tools. She also offers Intuitive Rock Readings and guided meditations with Crystal and Alchemical Bowls and Tibetan Bowls, Sacred Singing and Messages from Beyond. Lucy loves teaching Seraphim Blueprint and is qualified to teach all six Levels, as well as Advanced Healing, Guardians of Gaia, Seraphic Tour of the Solar System and Fusion. Lucy has three children and four grandchildren.

The Board of Directors expects that over the coming years Lucy's contribution to the health of our organization will be considerable. 


Seraphim Blueprint Aromatherapy


Seraph Space Cleanse

- This cleanse carries a personal Angel into the room when it is used for the first time, and anchors an Angelic vibration and consciousness there.

- May be used as a cleanse prior to installing a Level I Seraphim Energy Grid, or to refresh and enhance previously installed ones

- Perfect for rooms where you sleep, meditate or hold healing sessions, or to create a positive environment for conducting business.

The Seraph created the formula for both cleanses to provide another way we can connect with the Seraphim Blueprint energies. One is to uplift our auras, and the other is to maintain an angelic presence in our personal space, home and office. With just a couple of sprays you will feel a gentle lift and purification.

Seraura Aroma Cleanse

- A personal spray to be used around the body, or just the head and shoulder areas.

- The energized water vapor attracts the presence of Angelic beings and spirit guides.

- Supports, clears and protects the auric field.

- Relieves stress instantly, and opens the doorway to a blissful sensation

- A way to cool off and refresh oneself

Orders can be placed with Cynthia K. Weatherbie at:

Order Page

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