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Ruth, I must say that Seraphim Blueprint is one of the best gifts I have given myself in all the years that I have been searching the metaphysical world. It is truly a blessing and one that I look at every day with wonder and awe. I see myself transforming lots of the old patterns and ways of responding to the world every day. It is wonderful! -                                                          Mary Perry, Baltimore

In June an amazing event happened. After my Healing Circle I was home outside cleansing under the stars when Seraphim appeared. It was definitely the most amazing experience in my life. The energy was so strong and fantastic with gold fire that wasn’t burning (actually I felt cool and comfortable while it was 90 degrees). I was told to read the book and take the training (without knowing at the time that any training is required and without knowing that I have your book) and that he will guide me to the right teacher. It was amazing because from that moment on I felt like all procrastination, all logical decision making was taken away from me. I simply felt like I don’t have a choice. I must follow. Over the last four years I’ve met many people teaching different energy modalities, but I didn’t attend any. I simply stayed with my true Reiki practicing. Nothing was magnetic for me and lots of the healers I’ve met seemed not truth. The following weekend I read your book (I went to order it on Internet and I’ve realized that I have the book) and found Brenda's class for Level I in Las Vegas. Nothing ever in my life happened so quickly.

Level I was beyond amazing. I really don’t know words to describe what I felt. And I don’t know if this is the right moment to take so much of your time. Thank you for guiding us to the right places and thank you for dedicating your life for Divine guidance for all of us.

With the Seraphim energies I feel like I am coming “home”.                                                                                                                                                                               --Anna Dabrowski, Las Vegas

" I recently had a Seraphim Healing session in Bermuda and was blown away by it. I could feel myself merge with the energies of the universe and then I could feel my cells changing. I still feel like I am living outside of my body. I suppose my earth suit is just integrating the new energies."                                                                                                                                   - Rhonda Rentz

"I have been pleasantly surprised by so many of the Seraphim Blueprint energy levels. I knew they were good, but they are better than that....they have really opened up a lot for me. I was doing daily work with them, but got so busy that I was just asking them to come in automatically for the past two months. It is noticeable if I forget to do this on any day, so I know they are really helping. However, this last session of Level 6 was just REALLY beautiful. I have definitely noticed a much stronger connection to the natural world. It is very, very soothing and healing to have this connection be strengthened. 

It is so joyful, and I feel like a child again in the delight that I feel, and the beauty that is alive and more palpable than before. I do feel like I am getting energy just from being with nature....a channel has opened even more than before, where it flows in greater and more noticeable abundance. In fact, in the past 10 days since doing the class, my new big problem is that I don't want to do ANYTHING but sit outside and be with nature. I have really had to struggle with myself to get other things done, as I just want to be outside relaxing in the beauty. So, I am working on realigning things, so I can do it more often, to give myself much more time to do what feels so good."                                                                                                                                                                            - Susan Prowell, New Hampshire

"I had a client who came to me with late stage cancer throughout her body, and then some brain scans showed several black spots on her brain, so the doctors scheduled surgery to cut them out. I tried sending several different energies to her brain and those spots, but nothing had any effect. Then I remembered that the "Seraphim Sacred Geometry” energy was for “brain restructuring” and decided to try it. Almost immediately, after I started sending the energy remotely, the spots on her brain detached and seemed to fly away, like big black crows flying away. Later that week the client had another brain scan and the doctors said “Oh, maybe they were just cysts because they’re gone now”. To me, this was a perfect example of needing the “right tool for the right job”.               - John Chandler, Minnesota

"I just want to say thank you for taking the time to heal my mother. My mom is 53 years old and has suffered from depression for about 30 years. The day after your healing; I believe was the first day of the rest of her life. She has been out and about, when she would stay at home for weeks straight. There has not been one day that she has stayed home.

My children (her only two grandchildren) are actually enjoying her, thank you for giving me the mother I never knew I had, but most important the Grandmother my kids will always remember as being the best she can be."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Araceli Cornejo, California

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