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Ruth Rendely

Country: United States of America
City: Asheville
Time Zone: (GMT - 05:00) Eastern U.S.A.
Email: See contact page
Authorised to teach: All courses

 Ruth Rendely, co-founder (with a Seraph) of the Seraphim Blueprint,resides with her husband in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. She actively handles international events and develops new courses related to the Blueprint. Her book Seraphim Blueprint: The Power of Angel Healing was published in 2007.

To contact her use the form on the Contact page of this website. Suggestions for expanding the reach of the Seraphim Blueprint are always welcome.

Upcoming Classes

Seraphim Blueprint Teacher Training

With: Ruth Rendely
Mon, May 8, 2023
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM United States / Eastern

This is the once yearly training for prospective North American Teachers for Levels I to IV inclusive. Course can be taken in residence if prospective teacher gives Ruth enough advance notice.

Ruth Rendely facilitates this training which is given by the Seraph.

Prerequisite: Must have completed all six Levels of the Blueprint, and been approved by the Seraph 

Fee: $600 per Level (to be paid on first day of course.)

Location: Otto, North Carolina USA

Registration: Email Ruth Rendely:  or Phone: +1 828.349.4703 

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