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Country: Unites States of America
City: Naples, Florida
Time Zone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Authorized to Teach: Seraphim Levels 1-6, Guardians of Gaia, Seraphic Tour of The Solar System, Advanced Healing, Seraphim Blueprint Fusion

Upcoming Classes: Skype, Telephone or in person in Naples, Fl

BIOGRAPHY: I own Altered Elements, SW Florida's largest specimen mineral and crystal store with a wide variety of healing Metaphysical tools, jewelry and gifts. In addition to the Seraphim Blueprint Classes I teach I am a certified Crystal Healer; further I lead Meditations at my studio having studied Transcendental Meditation and logged more than 40,000 hours of meditation. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, Trained Psychic and Rock Reader, and experienced with Esoteric Healing, Theta Healing, EFT, Energy Medicine, Axiatonal Alignment, Bio-energy Healing, Bio-Well interpretation, Astrological Chart Sirius software and Young Living Essential Oils. With all this said, working with the healing powers of Gaia's minerals and crystals and teaching Seraphim Blueprint are my central focus to helping humanity enjoy being fully aware and living in happiness, abundance and graceful bliss.

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