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Julia Forrest Payne

Julie Payne-Funk

Country: United States of America
City: Baltimore
Time Zone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Skype: julie.payne-funk
Email: juliapf@gmail.com
Website: www.seraphimhealing.us
Authorized to Teach: Levels 1-6

If we are lucky, once in a great while we find something that changes our lives for the better in ways that are so profound, it becomes part of our life purpose to share with others. That is how I feel about teaching Seraphim Blueprint.

As a Reiki master/teacher, mesa carrier in the Peruvian tradition, qigong practitioner and more, I love modalities that both ground us and connect us to the Divine at the same time.  In my experience, no other system of healing does this as well as Seraphim Blueprint.

There are no prerequisites, and it's just as powerful and useful for a seasoned practitioner as it is for a novice. If you have a private practice, I have no doubt you will use these energies with gratitude every day.  If you are a spiritual seeker, or want to heal yourself or loved ones, it will empower you to do those things and more. The energies will meet you where you are, and serve you well.

With elegant simplicity, and a basis in love, Seraphim Blueprint helps us come into alignment on a soul level. It helps us expand, mentally and spiritually, so we can joyfully do all that we came here to do.  As one of my teachers remarked, we are becoming who we already are. What a priceless gift to receive and share.

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