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Jenny Israel

Country: United States of America
City: Stony Brook, New York
Time Zone: (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Authorized to Teach: Levels 1-6

Jenny Israel is a Medical Intuitive, Certified Energy Therapist and Spiritual Wellness Counselor. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and has been attuned in Reiki I, II and III and Levels 1-6 of the Seraphim Blueprint System. She is also a Level's 1-6 Seraphim Blueprint Teacher.

Jenny started developing her Intuitive and healing gifts in 2009. After dealing with her own health crisis a few years ago, she dove deeper into her healing profession. The ability to see her client’s energy blocks began to strengthen, and she soon realized that she was channeling information directly related to physical, emotional and mental illness. She began collaborating with holistic doctors on special cases to test information that was coming through and found that she was experiencing about a 90-95% rate of accuracy.

With continued practice her connection with Spirit led her to even deeper work.

In addition to Energy Therapy, Jenny now offers her clients Medical Intuitive Readings, Couple's Sessions, Soul level Clearing and Healing, Auric Clearing, Spiritual Counseling, Essential oil therapy, and Land and Home Healing and Clearing.

In 2018, she expanded her treatment to children and animals. She partners with Dr. Bethany Howe at Hawkins Animal Hospital and Wellness Center to help bring another level of healing to the four-legged and feathered patients there.

Jenny accepts patients at her Stony Brook and Commack office locations, as well as offers phone readings and remote/distance sessions.

To learn more, visit

To contact her directly, email at or call 631-495-2276.

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